Self Adhesive Luggage & Baggage Tags

As a leading industry producer of labels, we’re also able to produce a range of other related items for everyday use.

Our produce range includes luggage tags and baggage labels. These are normally made from synthetic materials and are used for such applications where a degree of toughness and weather resistance.

A type of Loop Lock tag is often used where the tag loops back on itself and locks in position. See diagram below.

Baggage Tags

Use predominately by the Airline industry and often prove difficult to remove from your luggage when returning from a business trip or a holiday involving a flight.

These are made from special materials which are tear resistant and have an aggressive adhesive thereby ensuring they stay with your luggage during transit and help reduce the number of lost luggage situations. Abbey Labels are IATA approved for the manufacture of these kinds of baggage tags.

If you require high-quality, durable and weather resistant luggage tags and baggage labels, then look no further than Abbey Labels. Our flexible printing services mean we can produce bespoke luggage tags to meet your requirements, with design, branding and other specifications tailored according to your needs.

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