Multipage Labels

Get more information onto your product with multi-page labels

A multi-page label allows you to include more information by adding extra pages to your packaging, which can then be peeled back to reveal more content.

Depending on the volume of information and the dimensional requirements, we are capable of printing 3 or 5 pages in full colour. By using our sophisticated techniques, we can also print unique information onto each individual label.

This format is achieved in different ways depending on your design requirements; we can produce booklet-style or leaflet style multi-page labels. In both cases, we use a mild-adhesive to secure the label-face to the other labels, and by including a small “peel here” graphic on the top layer, the customer is easily able to begin peeling back from a special area with little or no adhesive.

Whether you’ve got extensive information that you need to display on your product or you want to provide multiple languages, this format is the perfect solution.
This type of labelling format is particularly effective for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, and vaping industries, where the amount of information that is required by law to be displayed needs to overflow onto multiple pages.

Typical uses we see for multi-page labels are:

  • Food – recipes, cooking instructions, ingredients, nutritional information and alternative languages.
  • Chemical – health and safety requirements, hazardous warnings, chemical ingredients, and legal requirements of product information.
  • Other Products – assembly instructions and instructions for use.
  • Competition – by adding a unique code to each unit, you can turn your label into a competition entry form, or simply provide a unique competition code to enter online on your website.
  • Promotional – advertise additional ranges, on-pack promotions.

Display extended content in an easily digestible way

Retail products that have a booklet-style or leaflet-style label attached can earn more engagement from customers once they’ve purchased, for example cooking apparatus that contain booklet-style recipe labels inside – one of the main factors to consider earning higher engagement is the way the information is presented, the easier to read and digest the better you will keep your customers attention.

Inspiration for using a multi-page label

You can use these as a way of creating an interesting and engaging display of information on any type of product. For example, if you’re running a promotion you could use the multi-page element to encourage customers to purchase and take part; or if you want to use your product to advertise your online platforms including – but not limited to – web address, social media, YouTube channel etc. you could display each platform on a page.

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