Peel and Reveal Labels

Peel and reveal labels are an information rich product label that contain everything the end user needs or might want to know such as nutritional information, cooking instructions or health and safety info, all contained in a small space. Also, known as peel off stickers, these peel and reveal labels save on excessive and costly packaging while maintaining a pleasant product design that matches your brand.

Multi Page Peel and Reveal Labels

Due to the increasing demand of legislation dictating that more and more information be provided on labels, Abbey Labels provide further a versatile solution; Multi Page Peel & Reveal Labels.

These versions can come as a 3-page label, or where even more information is required, a 5-page label

These can be applied to the product and for all intents and purposes, they look like an ordinary label.

We print a small arrow along on of the bottom corners indication that the label can be peeled back to reveal additional information on the inside.

Similarly, a second arrow can be printed on page 3 to indicate that a further page can be peeled back revealing even more information. Both the 3 and 5 Peel & Reveal labels can be resealed after being opened.

Popular Uses for Peel and Reveal Labels

Typical uses for this type of label would be as follows:

  • Food Labels – Recipes, Cooking Instructions, Ingredients & Multi-page languages
  • Chemical Labels – Health and Safety requirements, Hazardous Warnings, Chemical Ingredients & Legal Requirements
  • Product Labels – Assembly Instructions, Instructions for use, Health and Safety Warnings & Multipage languages
  • Promotional Labels – Advertise Additional Product Ranges & Promotions.
  • Competition Labels – By adding a unique code you can turn you Multipage Label into a competition form
  • Added Security – Special Anti-Tamper Functionality

Peel and reveal labels are also popular for promotional competition use – carrying unique codes that when entered into a special web site, let the recipient know if they have won a price, discounts or special offers. The beauty of a Peel and Reveal label is that the code can be covered up and only revealed once the top layer has been peeled back.

Your Product, Your Label

Our peel and reveal labels are designed, printed and built around you. We can match the labels to your branding and help ensure your products have the right information, to help you meet your legal requirements while presenting a pleasing product design.

Cut down on the size of your packaging, without compromise on quality or features, get in touch today to discuss your labelling needs and see how our peel and reveal labels can work for you. Call Abbey Labels 01284 750900.

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