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3 Benefits of Peel and Reveal Labels

An example of a peel and reveal label being used for a promotion.

First things first, let’s start by answering your first question: what is a peel and reveal label? Well, quite simple it is a space saving label that is made up of multiple pages. The finish is so, that the upper layer can easily be peeled away from the bottom to reveal information on the lower pages.

So, now we’ve got that straight; what are the benefits of peel and reveal labels? Well, you can;

Display a lot of information in a small space

One of the identifying benefits is definitely the space saving element.

Take for example, the tiny bottles and pots that some prescription medicines and creams come in.

Often there’s a hefty ingredients list; directions on how many to take or how much to use and how often in a day; as well as the prescribed name and address. Not to mention anything else!

To fit all of that on a regular sized label, you would need to use a magnifying glass in order to read it.

With a peel and reveal label; you can assign a different page to each element of information. This makes it easier to digest for the user and far easier to display in a restricted space.

Medicine bottles are just an example though; you can apply the same principle to any number of products if you need to display a lot of information. Food falls into this category, especially with the ever changing regulations.

peel-and-reveal-label-example (2)

An example of a peel and reveal label being used for a promotion.

Catch your customers’ attention easier

By using multi-page peel and reveal labels, you can catch your customers’ attention easier.

It’s rare that your customer will be concerned with an ingredients list or perhaps even the nutritional information, but you as a food manufacturer you are obliged to display such information.

You can use a peel and reveal label to your advantage to catch your customers’ attention easier.

For example, you can use the top layer to its full extent to display eye catching images and a tag line. The important, essential information can then be contained in the lower layers of the label.

Essentially, this type of labels can be an excellent selling tool in an ever competitive market place.

Display different artwork and run promotions

In addition to including a lot of information in a small space, digital printing means that you can select and display different artwork on each layer of the label.

When you consider this element, peel and reveal labels are a fantastic option for promotional work or even seasonal produce.

Product marketing is also becoming a prevalent method of competition entry for prize draws and giveaways; peel and reveal labels present the perfect method to offer this on a variety of different products.

All you need to do now is start planning your next promotion!

So, there you have it; 3 benefits of peel and reveal labels. Contact our team here at Abbey Labels to discuss your requirements, today!