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5 Ways Labels Can Save Your Life

When you think of the humble label, you probably only consider their purpose on food packets and shampoo bottles. But, when you stop to think about it, the power of labels extends far beyond these simple means. The humble label is actually a superhero in disguise, looking out for your safety at every turn! Take a look at 5 ways labels can save your life in everyday situations…


An example of a name label that could save your life at a business event.

1.       Protect you from hazards around every corner

Hazards are all around us, from potentially dangerous chemicals to hit and miss electronic products. PAT test labels for example show you when that dodgy looking toaster at work was last tested, while labels on bottles of bleach inform you not to ingest the liquid (just in case you’re parched one day while cleaning!) and what to do in case baby accidentally gets hold of it. Warning labels help to protect you and your family every day!

2.       Prevent wardrobe malfunctions

When it comes to clothes, labels are essential. We aren’t talking about which designer the item was made by, no no! We are talking about things as simple as what size that top is and even the washing instructions located on the label inside. It’s never a fun realisation when you didn’t read a label and you put a wool dress or jumper in the washing machine as normal, only to find it has shrunk to the size of a doll. Now that go-to business meeting outfit is ruined. Labels can also save you from the disaster of shrinking your other half’s favourite pair of jeans by accident! So remember kids, read the label before you put it in the washing machine!

3.       Avoid food poisoning or an allergic reaction

We already mentioned food labels in the introduction but they really are important so we’re bringing them up again! From informing you of the best before date and how long you have to consume the item from opening; to informing you of potential allergens such as nuts; eggs; gluten; and more, and informing you of how to correctly prepare the item before you eat it; food labels can do great things when it comes to saving you from food poising or an allergic reaction.

4.       Save tons of embarrassment at business events

Are you terrible at remembering names? Us too! Names labels can absolutely save your life at business events. In the episode of the TV show Friends where Ross sticks a Dr Geller label to his chest, he ended up causing embarrassment to himself by using it – namely because he followed it with another label showing his first name in quotation marks at a social party event! In reality though, for most people attending a business event, a name label can help to break the ice and prevent from accidentally calling that chap called Rob, Rod by accident! You get the gist…

5.       Protect you from writer’s or typist’s cramp

Do you remember sitting an exam and suffering the dreaded hand ache or hand cramps? Don’t let that pain plague you again when it comes to writing your address multiple times. If you have recently moved house, or you have a lot of mail to send, address labels can be an absolute life-saver.

So, there you have it, 5 ways labels can save your life – now you can sleep easy! Do you have any other suggestions?