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5 Ways to Use Stickers for Your Business

Stickers are a great investment for any business, as their uses are versatile and can help add a fun yet effective twist into different areas of running your company. However, if you know you want to integrate stickers into your business but are unsure of how exactly to do this, we have 5 great examples of ways you can!

1. Use stickers as an alternative to labels

Custom stickers are a great choice for an alternative to labels, as with custom shapes, colours and designs you can mix up the way your products look, while still providing customers with any essential information. Using stickers on your products could be exactly what you need to make them more eye-catching, so that in stores people are more likely to notice and choose your product over others.

sale stickers for a business

2. Give stickers out to customers as complimentary gifts

Giving your customers stickers is great for a couple of reasons. First, it helps with builders acts similarly to handing out business cards – but this way you’re more likely to get endorsement from your customers. People often put stickers on everyday items, such as laptops and water bottles, and so providing people with custom logo stickers or branded imagery means that, if they like your business and design, they’ll be giving you some extra advertisement through displaying your stickers!

3. Decorate packages and parcels with stickers

If your business is based online, or deals with sending out parcels or letters a lot to customers, then adding stickers to your packaging can add an interesting touch. For customers, getting a letter or parcel with a custom designed sticker on it is much more interesting than receiving a basic box or envelope, and if even the packaging is exciting, then customers know that your business really thinks about every step of the process, and are more likely to return.

4. Add stickers into your available products

Stickers could be a great addition to your product mix, particularly for businesses that deal with selling things such as art. Stickers can be a great, new way to sell your art and designs, as stickers are enjoyed and used by a wide range of people, and it also provides a simpler way to sell art – which could be the stepping stone for people who aren’t quite sure yet whether they want to invest into larger pieces of art. Custom stickers can be made in any shape and a variety of colours, so you can present any artwork or design on a sticker that you want.

5. Use stickers to organise the workplace

As well as being beneficial for customers and customer relationships, stickers can also useful to have around the workplace or office. Using stickers to organise things that can quickly get messy in a busy workplace, such as boxes, files and drawers, can be a fun way to ensure that you’re keeping your business running smoothly, as having an organised workplace is important both to create a space in which people are likely to work, and to ensure that it is safe.