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The Benefits of Digital Labels for Small Businesses

Over the last decade, digital labels have been transforming the label industry. The production process of digital labels is much quicker than their traditional counterparts. As well as this digital labels are multi-purpose and can be customised easily; making them the ideal choice for small businesses.

Here are 5 benefits of digital labels for small businesses:

Easily customisable

Digital labels are versatile and can be easily customised. This means that small businesses are able to create the right type of label for their business needs easily and quickly. Custom labels allow small business owners to ensure that their unique branding is added to the labels, making them easily recognisable as belonging to the business. This in effect acts as a marketing tool for the business.

Digital Labels being used on bottles


One of the major benefits of digital labels is that they are an extremely cost effective option for small businesses. Labels can be designed and produced at a much lower price than traditional labels. As well as this, business owners have more control over the print run, meaning that they can opt for an initial lower print run and then request extra labels at a later time and at a lower cost than the initial run.

Professional finish

Despite the fact that digital labels are more cost effective, this lower price isn’t reflected in the quality of the product. In fact, digital labels look as professional as traditional labels and also have the advantage of being flexible in the finishes and embellishments that can be added to the labels. Overall this results in a very high quality product that acts as a valuable tool for small businesses can use to communicate with their customers.

Quick turnaround

The printing process of digital labels means that they can be turned around quickly. This means that businesses can request a run of labels to be designed and produced at short notice, which is ideal for small business owners who often need professional quality labels at a moment’s notice. This quick turnaround also provides businesses with flexibility as it means they request a newly designed label to be printed within a short time of notice.

Environmentally friendly

Being environmentally friendly is an asset for many business, but particularly small businesses who need to stand out in a competitive market. Digital labels are environmentally as the design and creative is done via computers and the printing process doesn’t use any excess paper. As well as this, the inks used are not only environmentally friendly but also food safe approved, meaning that they are safe to use on food products.

While traditional labels are still proving popular, more and more small businesses are converting to digital labels and with these benefits it is easy to see why so many are making the change.