Bottle Labels & Stickers

Uncap your creativity and remove your limitations; our printing capabilities allow us to manufacture drink and bottle labels in almost any size, shape and colour in high quality – plus, give your product added appeal from the range of professional finishes we have available.

  • Supermarket-friendly, with our BRC/IoP accreditation
  • Tactile imprinting available
  • Opaque or transparent – great for achieving a ‘no look’ label
  • Full-colour
  • Fridge-safe adhesives

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Bottle labels ideal for drinks, e-liquids, supermarkets, and more

Our high-quality bottle labels are ideal for drinks because they use a fridge-safe adhesive, and their high definition and finish can help your product stand out and convey your brand message right from the first impression.

For your products to have maximum exposure they should be stocked in major supermarkets. The Global Standard for Food Packaging and Packaging Materials is awarded by British Retail Consortium & Institute of Packaging. We have been carried this accreditation every year since 2008 and now carry the A rating due to our high standards. This means Abbey Labels can help your products get maximum exposure on major supermarket shelves by manufacturing bottle labels compliant with the BRC/IoP.

Instead of purchasing and applying separate labels to comply with regulations, why not include tactile information on your main label? We are able to add tactile information to any bottle label, which can help warn the blind of any dangerous contents. This is perfect for e-liquid bottles because you apply just one label to meet all of your needs, including meeting regulations such as the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). Using fewer labels could potentially decrease your production time and cost. With the small 10ml bottles, you may want to use multiple pages to fit in additional information with our peel and reveal options.

We have a variety of face papers available and choosing the right one can have a dramatic effect on your drink sales. Drawing from our experience, our team can help fill in the blanks, assist you with any unknowns, as well as keeping your customers’ experience of your brand as consistent as possible. The addition of gold or silver foil can add a premium, luxury feel, or otherwise make your drinks more appealing without costing a fortune.

Clear or opaque

Although print on opaque face papers is possible, some brands favour the ‘no label look’ because it can offer a more unique and stylish appearance. We can print directly onto a clear material, allowing customers to clearly see the contents of the drinks bottle while still conveying the required information. Furthermore, we can print a bottom layer of opaque white ink directly onto the transparent medium, before then applying coloured ink on top of it – this ensures that you can have a colourful transparent labels without the ink itself being transparent.

Capacity for big-brand bottle labelling

We have worked with a range of companies on a variety of bottle and drink label designs. Whether you are a small microbrewery or a high street brand, we’ve got the experience to create a solution that’s perfect for you. Our capacity is practically unlimited, yet we still offer quick turnaround times due to the number of printing presses we possess.

In-house design assistance

Amongst other products, our team of creative designers are experienced with drink label printing solutions including beer and wine, and have helped create stylish, supermarket-friendly labelling faithful to our customer’s vision. The designers are on hand should you need any assistance with design, regulations or legal requirements, and will work closely with you to bring your ideas to life. Likewise, our experienced team is prepared for effectively optimising an existing digital design to ensure maximum compatibility with our printers, as well as ensuring special finishes are handled smoothly.

Ultra-fast turnaround times

Abbey Labels have invested heavily to ensure we have the best-in-class machinery on hand, providing you with the highest quality bottle labels at the best price. Subsequently this also means that we can meet the demand of any order quantity in high quality and all our customers can benefit from an ultra-fast turnaround time on their order.

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