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How To Bring Your Labels Into The Digital Age

Technology is advancing at a scarily fast rate and who knew that in the space of ten years we would see an incredible rise in the use of smartphones, social networks, super-fast internet… it keeps going!

So how can we bring labels into the digital age?

Whilst the advances in technology have allowed us as manufacturers to continually improve the quality and accuracy of designs to print and the overall service we offer clients, we want to look at how you as creators can bring your label into the modern age and integrate them into the digital interaction with your business.

QR Codes

A Quick Response Code (QR) is an array of black and white squares that contains a small piece of information, usually a URL to a website.

Most people download a QR scanner on their smartphones to read them, we found one that you can download (but there are many you can choose from by searching QR Scanner):



You can place a QR code onto your label and whether it’s on a product, a security label, a promotional label or any type of label, QR codes are incredibly useful to help a consumer find their way onto your website.

You could use the QR code to direct someone to a help page, the review section of your website or anything – you can even tag the URL in your analytics platform and track the number of people who’ve used it!

It can sometimes look either messy or too long to display the link to a page in text on a label, especially if it’s something crazy like 50-100 characters, a QR code is instantly recognisable, quick and easy to use and a great way to get consumers to go on their website.

Top Tip: Use a QR code on the back of a peel able label to offer a special offer link to existing customers.

Mention that you’re on social media

The way social media has exploded in the last few years is incredible and now for B2C businesses it is a channel for sales that simply cannot be ignored. The hardest part of social media comes in two parts, getting people to connect with your account and then getting them to interact.

If you’re a B2C business it’s important to put your social media names on your marketing collateral wherever possible to let your customers know they can find you on there.

If you’re running a social media campaign, encourage customers to connect with you with your products, either by mentioning you or sending in a picture etc. It all helps to increase your brand awareness and increase your number of followers.

Let potential customers know how they can get in touch

Feedback, good or bad is always positive and the power of online is growing significantly. As a business you cannot afford to not be on the channels that your potential customers are researching their purchase decisions on.

72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. This is a statistic that shows that you need to have a trail of good reviews for your business online and your label should encourage customers to leave a review online. They’re the people who have first-hand experience of your product and are best placed to leave their recommendation.

Integrated is the new buzzword for success

Increasing sales to your business and connecting with your existing and potential customers means being present across different platforms and being able to interact on all of them. Your label can be a part of that and as part of your creative you could be looking at space where you can promote the digital platforms your business is on.

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