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Is Your Business In Need Of A Refresh?

It is not unusual for a company to go through a time of stagnation, where although it continues to perform well, growth has slowed and ideas seem to have dried-up. If you feel that this has happened to your business it can be tempting to have a complete overhaul and look at re-branding and restructuring your company; however often all that needs to be done is a business refresh.

Refreshing your business is not about overhauling your brand or the way your company is run, instead it is about making small changes that inject new ideas and sales into your business. If you think your business needs a slight refresh these tips will help:


Expand your products/services

Expanding the products or services you provide will not only refresh your business, but will also help to grow revenue. Although the planning, designing and creation stages of creating new products or services is long and time-consuming, in the long-run it could provide the fresh approach your business needs to inspire employees and give your business an extra dimension.

Redesigning packaging and labels

Another way to refresh your business is to give your products packaging and labels a re-design. This is separate from re-branding, as it does not touch on any aspects of your business’ brand, but instead solely concentrates on how the products are presented. Many internationally known businesses regularly refresh their product’s packaging and labels as a cost effective way of keeping the product up to date with current consumer trends.

Invest in an office revamp

Sometimes just redecorating your offices or business premises is all it takes to refresh your business. A new coat of paint, new flooring and a change of furniture can help to inspire employees to come up with new ideas that will help to drive your business forward. As well as this, if client or customers see your premises has had a mini-makeover it shows them that your business is always looking to adapt and improve.

Website refresh

If your business website has not been updated in the last four years, especially if it drives a lot of new sales, having it refreshed will give your business a new image, again without having to go through the process of re-branding. Websites are now one of the most important marketing tools a business has, no matter what sector it is in, however the digital world also moves very quickly, which is why it is vital that you ensure your website meets modern standards.

Work with a charity

The link between businesses and charities is not new and by aligning your company with a charity helps to boost staff morale, your business’ image and raises money for the chosen charity. Many companies choose a specific charity and for the year complete various fundraising events and challenges in order to raise money for that charity. Popular activities include running races, completing challenging bike rides, and bake sales.

So, there you have it! Here are some helpful tips on how to refresh your business in 2016.