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How to choose the right label for your product

You should never underestimate the importance of a label when it comes to selling a product.

The label is the way you can talk directly to your potential customer; communicating to them about the product and your brand. While the design of the label is an essential part of this; the type of label you choose is also of vital importance.

A selection of product labels

There are many different types of labels available that suit different types of products and brands; some of our most popular types of labels include:

Traditional labels

Traditional self-adhesive labels are popular with all typ

es of businesses and suit a range of products. These labels are particularly popular with consumer products such as bottles, food packaging, and cosmetics. Traditional labels are used by businesses who want their label to be noticeable and who want to use it as a way of getting their branding across to potential customers.

‘No-look’ labels

The ‘no-look’ label, which uses a clear polypropylene or polyethylene to give the effect of not having a label on the product, is becoming increasingly popular especially with cosmetic brands. This type of label is also commonly used for bottle packaging, window stickers and food packaging; as well as being ideal for fresh food produce, where the customer wants to inspect the product before purchasing it.

Security labels

Another type of label available is the security label, which is ideal for products that need protection against counterfeiters or people who are likely to tamper with the product. Security labels are produced using a wide range of materials, depending on the level of security that is required.

Thermal labels

Available in both plain and printed options, thermal labels are produced through a Thermal Transfer Printer. Some thermal labels are coated, meaning that they are ideal for food products as the coating creates a barrier between the label and the product. Non-coated labels can be printed in large qualities, making them perfect as address or courier labels.

What you need to consider when choosing a label

As these are just some of the labels on offer, it is clear that choosing the right label for your product goes beyond simple design and style. When choosing a label for your product there are many things you need to take into consideration including:

  • The use of the label
  • How long it needs to last
  • Security issues
  • If it can be applied directly to the product
  • If it needs to be waterproof
  • How much information does it need to contain
  • Any regulations and legal issues

The type of label you choose will have to factor in these considerations and any others that are unique to your business, product and label. It is important that you familiarise yourself with the different types of labels available, such as the ones outlined above, as this will help you when choosing the right label for your product.

Choosing the right type of label for your product should be the first step in your labelling process, even before you begin to think about the design of the label. This is because the type of label you choose will have an impact on all aspects of the design and how a potential customer views the label.