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Cosmetic Labels

At Abbey Labels, we can produce cosmetic labels to suit the unique requirements of your product. We can assist with the design of your cosmetic label, if you require assistance, and print it according to your needs with a quality that your customers will find instantly appealing.
  • Opaque or transparent – great for achieving a ‘no look’ label.
  • Full-colour to ensure optimum impact.
  • Gold, silver and holographic foil.
  • Custom cutters to fulfil your design requirements.
  • Peel and reveal labels to inform of product ingredients.

optional gold or silver foil reflective metallic element

Our cosmetic label designs include the option of adding a reflective metallic element to your product with gold or silver foil to improve the overall look and feel – and add an allure of quality that will help sell your products to a wider market.

Our cosmetic label effects and manufacturing options

Our cosmetic labels design service includes several effects and special design options to enhance your product’s appearance and appeal.

  • A choice of self-adhesive label materials to help your product stands out.
  • A ‘no look’ label design using clear polypropylene or polyethylene, giving the effect of having no label on the product.
  • Gold or silver foil additions to enhance the overall design.
  • Holographic foil or special spot varnishes.
  • Water resistance for longer lasting labels in damp environments, maintaining your brand’s appearance in the home.

Printing capacity

Our combination of digital and high definition flexographic facilities allows us to cater to a large range of label quantities and production requirements. So, whether you require very small print quantities or a very large production run, we are happy to talk to you about how we can help meet your needs.

Label production and printing services

Due to our experience, an extensive production facility, and quick turnaround times, we can help with many elements related to the design and release of your product and its labelling including:

  • New product launches – stay ahead of schedule with our quick turnaround times.
  • Compliance labelling requirements – assistance with what to include and the best way to display it.
  • Application instructions – our peel and reveal manufacturing technology allows you to include more information in smaller spaces with layers, like a mini-leaflet.
  • Promotions and special offers – we have special machinery that allows us to include unique promotional codes or other variable data on your product.

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