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How to Design Wine Bottle Labels

An interesting, eye-catching label on your wine bottle can make all the difference when it comes to selling your product, especially when it comes to new customers. However, designing the perfect wine bottle label can seem like quite an overwhelming task, where do you start? Luckily, we have some top tips to help you with this process.

What to consider before you design wine bottle labels

The two most important things to consider when designing any label, but particularly a wine label, are the product and its target audience.

selection of different wine labels

The overall design

Traditional and old-timey compositions appeal to a sophisticated crowd; conveying a richer, more luxurious beverage. They should be elegant and showcase an almost regal sort of feel; an intense experience for the palate.

For a more modern but clean approach, minimalistic typography and graphics, contrasting colours and negative space reign supreme amongst avant-garde customers with a more pragmatic taste.

To appear modern and laid-back, hand-drawn, whimsical and fun designs are preferred by the younger generations who mainly drink as a form of recreation.

Choosing fonts and colours

Serif and script type fonts are conventionally used in wine labels. But again, a more contemporary tactic would be to choose bold, sans serif fonts.

Colours are also very important: deeper hues for a somber red, pastels for a crisp white, golds and pinks for the sparkling varieties. Or do the exact opposite: after all, this is your wine.

Wine labels can take as many forms as geometry allows. And if one wants to go a step further, they can use die-cut (or custom shaped) labels to make their designs truly pop.

Selecting your images

When it comes to the imagery, buildings, city landmarks, family crests and animals are very common representations of a wine’s identity and will become centre stage in any label. They should remain consistent throughout, with minimal variations, so as to keep the brand easily recognisable. Heritage and personality brought together as one, always taking the buyer into account.

Finally, don’t forget to add basic information to your design (name, dates, the wine variety/blend, etc.) and to make sure your back label complies with all the legal requirements.

Creating your wine bottle labels

We can offer you a range of label styles and finishes such as opaque or transparent, full colour, tactile imprinting and fridge safe adhesives. We also can add gold or silver foil to your label, which can provide your bottle with a luxury look. Finally, all you need to do is choose which type of label you’d prefer; perhaps a peel and reveal label is more convenient. The choice is up to you but we are always happy to guide you through the process.

Abbey Labels, we want to bring your ideas to life. So let your imagination roam free and leave the rest to us!