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Three Easy Ways To Boost Your Business In 2016

How Can I Quickly Increase Sales?

With the New Year fast approaching, many business owners will be looking at what they can do to refresh their business; generate new leads and increase sales in the New Year; either through different channels or on certain products.

One of the first ways you can refresh your business in the New Year is to increase your product offering. Giving customers the option to purchase a range of products can not only increase your revenue per customer; it can allow you to upsell high margin products on in store displays. If you’re an online retailer; an increase in your product offering can increase your credibility in an extremely competitive environment.

Business owners will always be looking at ways to generate interest from browsing customers; either in store or online. New products are also a great marketing topic. You can even target existing customers and increase repeat business with direct marketing brochures; or e-shots; which update them with your new product lineup.

Making Sure Your Products Sell and Get Seen

The second way you can boost your business in 2016 is to redesign and update your packaging or product labels. Your product branding is one of the key factors which come in to play when making a decision. Either consciously or subconsciously, labels have an effect on customers when they are looking to make a purchase. The impact of your product packaging design should not be underestimated; a refresh can inspire an increase in sales. It can also have a powerful impact on consumer perception; with new and potential customers making a purchasing decision based on the quality of your packaging.

An important job over the New Year period is to review your product labels and ensure that they offer the wow factor that will make it stand out on the shelf against your competitor. Question your current labelling and consider whether it catches the eye. More importantly, does it reflect your brand and cater for your target audience?

Make Sure You Get Your Message Across

Another key area to review when you assess your current labelling is your target message. Are you getting it across on your product?

Refreshing a business is all about taking stock of the finer details. This is especially true with your marketing strategy and refining your brand message. Take a look at your current labelling; your call to action; and your sales pitch; and consider whether you could improve it:

  • Make your product label more balanced, ensuring easy readability
  • Make sure your key message stands out
  • Consider whether text or images need to stand out and catch the eye
  • Consider trialing a new design and split testing to measure sales performance

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