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How to Make Your Gin Bottles Fly Off the Shelves with Beautiful Bottle Labels

Having an eye-catching and attractive label plays a huge part in the sale of gin bottles – someone is far more likely to buy a product that is well designed and looks good, than something that looks like it’s just been thrown together. Of course, designing your own, custom, bottle label can seem like a daunting task, but we want to make this process easier for you by helping you every step of the way.

gin bottle depicting the label

First things to consider

The first thing to consider when designing your gin bottle label is what kind of look and feel you want your label to have – try taking into mind what your product and target audience are. For example, if your gin is fruity and sweet, or you’re aiming for a younger target audience, you could try using colourful, fun designs to match this. For a more classic tasting gin, or an older target audience, perhaps you could use a simpler design to appeal to this. Take your time deciding which kind of impression you want your label to give, and what kind of design works best for you and your brand.

Nail down the specifics of the design

After you’ve decided on the general look you’re aiming for, you need to start choosing the specifics of the design. Though, at first, this may have been an overwhelming choice, it should be a lot easier now that you’ve narrowed down the overall design that you’re aiming for. Brighter colours and more interesting fonts are a great choice for extravagantly flavoured gins and more exciting labels, while duller, simpler colours and classic fonts work well for classic gins and traditional looking labels. Similarly, any images that you may want to add to your label should now be a lot easier to choose, as you can find something that works well with the design you already know that you want.

Choosing the correct finish

After you’ve figured out the design you want, remembering to add basic information (such as name, ingredients etc.), all that’s left for you to decide on is the style and finish of label that you want. We can offer you a variety of types of finishes, such as clear or opaque, full colour, or even with added silver or gold to provide a more luxurious feel. We also offer a variety of types of labels, from basic stick on labels, to peel and reveal labels, should you need more space for information.

Whichever you decide works best for you, we’re happy to create, and we also are happy to guide you through the process more closely. Should you need any further assistance, our experienced team of creative designers are available to give you any advice, or work alongside you, so that you end up with a finished label design that you’re more than satisfied with, and which perfectly reflects you and your product.