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What Are Peel and Reveal Labels?

Peel and reveal labels are multi-page leaflet labels which contain layers that can be peeled back, and resealed many times over. They hold all the necessary information about a product on multiple sheets. Such examples of the information you might find includes: nutritional information; cooking instructions; multiple languages; or health and safety information. They are intended to provide additional information for the consumer, and also allow businesses to comply with all the legal regulations that their products must follow.

The food and pharmaceutical industries were some of the first to adopt the peel and reveal labels, as they enabled them to comply with a variety of legal requirements without damaging a product’s design. It’s a simple and practical solution that seems to be on the rise and will, sooner rather than later, come to replace all conventional labelling.

More and more businesses are starting to see the value in peel and reveal labels.Read on for more information about the key benefits.

Display lots of detail in a small space

They make it possible to store extensive amounts of information inside a small space, which is crucial for certain types of packaging, and saves significantly on production costs. The font size also remains big enough for effortless reading. This makes it easier for certain people (e.g. the elderly) to make conscious purchases. Finally, they create a more pleasing image to the eye, keeping a brand’s identity intact and the shopper from feeling overwhelmed or confused.

Ideal for prize draws and competitions

Peel and reveal labels can even store promotional codes to be used in prize draws; offer discounts or show special offers. These can be hidden beneath the additional layers and only revealed when the buyer so chooses. Messages can be printed on the very first layer to draw the customer in with further instructions kept inside, away from view.

Here at Abbey Labels, we design and create peel and reveal labels based around you and your products requirements and needs. Your end product will have the right information and look how you want them to, to help fit you and your brand. They are a great choice for smaller products, but also work well for larger ones, and are brilliant for promotions or competitions, as any codes or answers can be hidden inside the label.

Highly versatile and cost effective, they are a popular labelling option for all different types of businesses. Just click here for more information and we’ll be happy to help with you with the process: