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How to Plan and Use Promotional Labels

A new year is upon us and for many businesses the first month of the year is a key time for planning the strategy for the year ahead. This may be the time when you decide upon which promotions you will be planning for coming months, too. In an ever-increasing marketplace however, it’s vital to stand out from the crowd and become more inventive in your advertising approach.

Planning your promotions

This starts with deciding which promotions you are going to run. What is cost effective to your business, yet alluring enough to your customers to draw them in? How will your promotions stand out against the crowd? What can you give away – product or money off? Will you run clearance sales at certain points of the year? There’s plenty to consider and what promotions you decide upon will very much depend upon the type of business you have, and the seasonality of it.

Once you’ve established a set of promotions that work well for your business, it’s tempting to run the same offers each year. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, if they continue to offer you a strong return on investment and drive profit. That said however, to keep customers engaged and attract new interest, it’s best practise to switch offers up or add a new promotion every once in a while. High street shops are well known for this – Boots for example offer a repeat concept of 3 for 2 but they regularly change the product lines and brands which this offer applies to.

Examples of types of simple promotional labels and sticlers

Examples of types of simple promotional labels and stickers

Where will you offer your promotions

Whether you are a B2C or B2B business, looking to offer promotions in store or at trade shows, exhibitions and events, promotional labels and stickers can propel awareness and the ultimate success of your offers to new heights. There’s a whole host of approaches you can take to utilise promotion labels, the only limit truly is your imagination.

How to design promotional labels

Designed well, with an eye catching, colourful design and well written messages, promotion labels can make all the difference between closing a sale or a lead, or not. That’s all well and good if you have an eye for design, we hear you cry! We understand; not everyone does. You might have a great idea but translating that into a tangible result is difficult, plus you might even struggle to come up with an initial concept. There’s no need to worry though; if you are getting a run of labels created, certain companies, Abbey Labels included, can either design in house or are happy to work with third party designers to bring your promotion labels to fruition.

In fact, working with a label company can be the most effective way to create labels for your promotion. It’s often more cost effective than you might think and you will receive a highly professional product that will help you to tell customers about your offers. You can also expect added features such as HD colours, unique coding and scratch off functionality, as well as multiple sorts of SKUs amongst much more. Overall, promotional labels can be a great way to boost your marketing and advertising efforts – so why not start planning your promotions?