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Simple Ways to Make Air Travel Enjoyable

With summer here many of us are looking forward to taking a break away from work and enjoying a holiday abroad.

While we anticipate getting away from the UK and heading off somewhere warm and sunny; the journey to our destination is often less anticipated. Airports and planes are normally not the most relaxing places, however there are some simple ways that can make air travel more enjoyable.

Suitcase in a busy airport

Read our tips on simple way to make air travel enjoyable before you jet off.

Your holiday starts from the moment you leave home and set off to the airport. If you are rushing and disorganised before leaving, this will put your holiday off to a bad start. Instead have everything packed and ready the night before or hours prior to leaving home. Also ensure that you leave plenty of time to get to the airport, factoring in unforeseeable events such as unexpected traffic and delayed taxis, to ensure that you are not stressed on your journey. As well as this, make sure that you have everything you need to check-in at hand, or else you could find yourself searching through bags for your passport at the check-in desk.

Missing luggage
One of many holiday-makers biggest fears is losing their luggage on route to their destination. We have all heard horror stories of suitcases that have ended up halfway around the world from their intended destination. While nothing can prevent airport errors, ensuring that all your luggage is securely labelled will help to prevent suitcases and bags going astray. At Abbey Labels we supply a range of luggage and baggage tags and labels for individuals and business, which are strong, weather resistant and can be tailor-made to suit your individual requirements.

Prepare for the unexpected
One of the best ways to prepare for a flight is to expect the unexpected; although you assume, and hope, that your flight will be hassle-free you can never be sure if your flight will be delayed or has been re-directed to another airport. Ensuring that you have a supply of food and drink, or the money to buy something to eat and drink once you are through to the departure lounge, is vital even if you have got a meal ordered during your flight. If you are travelling with babies, ensure that you have got more bottles prepared and nappies than you think you will need. Those with older children need to have lots of snacks and activities to keep them occupied, not only in the airport but on the flight as well.

Relax and unwind
While airports and planes might not be the most relaxing of places, keep in mind that this is the start of your holiday so trying to enjoy the experience will get your time away off to a positive start. Finding a café or restaurant in the departure lounge will help to pass the time while you wait for your gate to open. On the flight, ensuring that you have enough books, DVDs, games or music will help you unwind and make the time go quicker.