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Typography Matters: How to Choose the Right Font for Labels

While colours and images help to make your labels stand out, the typography you use can have a big impact on reinforcing your words and imagery.

In short, if you get your typography right it can make your label stronger and attract more customers, get it wrong and no matter how strong your images or content are, your label will not appeal to your target market.

A poster about labels and typography

A poster with a slogan explaining how important a good label and typography is.

The type of font you use can have a huge impact on how easily potential customers can read your labels; as well as this it can strengthen and reinforce the message you want to portray about the product and your brand. Simple choices, for example if to choose serif or sans serif, can affect people’s perception of your brand. If you are unsure of what type of font to use on your label, these tips will help you to get it right.

Increase readability

One of the main objectives you want to get from your font is to make the wording on your labels easy to read. Increasing the readability will increase the impact of your words; while also reducing the amount of work potential customers will have to do in order to read the information on your labels. Usually sans serif fonts are easier to read over serif; plus other factors to take into account when creating highly readable font is the size and spacing between letters.

Contrast for impact

While it can be tempting to stick to similar fonts because you can be certain that they will work well together; if you use contrasting fonts, however, it will create more of an impact. Despite their similarities, similar fonts can fight for attention, especially when used on a small amount of space like a label. Contrasting fonts might be harder to get right, but they add both interest and help to grab the reader’s attention. Simply pairing a san sarif main text with additional sarif font, or the other way around, can make your label stand out.

Reinforce your brand

Fonts can be used creatively to reinforce your brand. It is worth spending time trying out different fonts to see which ones not only make a strong impression, but also express your brand. For example if your brand is traditional and wants to appear classic and elegant consider using a script font. On the other hand, if you want to project a clean, modern and chic image think about using a font like Century Gothic.

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