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Unique Label Designs Lead To Two Happy Clients

When it comes to designing labels for products, whether in limited number or mass-produced the onus is now on the manufacturer to innovate and come up with unique, exciting ideas to make their product packaging stand out.

In the case of bottles, creating a label that stands out goes a long way to delivering the value proposition of the product, and also a visually pleasing design will make bottles stand out on the shelves and draw attention from potential purchasers.

Abbey Labels were recently chosen to produce some high-end vodka labels which featured a pretty unique element. The design was an opening in the front label which, when looked through revealed an image of fields of celery on the inside of the bottle.

This was delivered by printing a clear label which was stuck to the back of the bottle, then covered up by a second label which was produced on a special antique wine paper.

Celery Vodka

A limited number were produced and each label was foiled, embossed and to add further value, each bottle was sequentially numbered with just over 500 being available for sale. Limited edition, stunning quality.

Super Varnish Offers a Cost-Effective Luxury To Your Labels

Super Varnish

A super varnish finish is very similar to clear gloss foil, however the application costs half the price. Like a spot varnish, it is designed to enhance certain areas of the label. The complex shield above which we were chosen to produce was made on a silver pp, matt laminated and the FB logo area, which were printed Red and Gold were spot varnished using the special super varnish.

The contrast between the matt laminate and spot UV super varnish really gave depth to the label and brought it to life. The customer was thrilled and we were extremely pleased to have had the opportunity to produce them.

Turn your design into a reality

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