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Waterproof Labels

Abbey Labels are experts in producing high-specification labels that stand out from the competition. Our in-house abilities enable us to offer waterproof labels, using a combination of digital or high-definition flexographic printing. 


  • Opaque or transparent. 
  • HD Colours. 
  • Synthetic Materials. 
  • Lightfast inks/toners. 
  • Specialist face materials & adhesives. 

What makes a label waterproof? 

Our waterproof labels and stickers will stay attached to the product even when wet or underwater – it also means that your design will not smudge or drip. For these labels to be classed as waterproof every element of them must be water resistant including the material used, the adhesive and of course the printed design.  

What are waterproof labels and stickers used for? 

Waterproof labels are hardwearing and perfect for a range of products and packaging such as drinks bottles, cosmetics such as shampoo or even medical labelling. Any items that will come into contact with moisture or condensation such as items that are stored in a fridge will benefit from having a waterproof label. These can be items such as wine bottles, beer, condiments and anything stored in glass jars.  

Waterproof Labels