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Wheelie Bin Stickers & Labels

We produce durable and weatherproof wheelie bin labels & stickers for local authorities, councils, and waste management companies at the lowest possible price. They are ideal for safety messaging, communicating recycling information, or for branding commercial 1,100 litre wheelie bins.
  • High definition colour printing.
  • Durable and weather proof.
  • Maximum dimension: 600X300mm.
  • Over-laminated for extra protection.
  • Unique numbering for identification available.
  • Supplied as sheets or on rolls.

Cost-Effective stickers & labels

Wear and tear, weather erosion and colour-fading are other factors that we take into consideration when printing and producing wheelie bin labels and stickers. We are keen to ensure that there is no compromise on quality and that your stickers will survive the British weather.

The maximum dimensions are 600x300mm. There is no upper limit to the number that we can print. However there is a minimum order value of £125.

For a quick quote on high-quality, weather-resistant labels, contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Colourful, weatherproof wheelie bin labels

We print bin labels and wheelie bin stickers in bulk but they are still built to last. They are printed with special ink on weather resistant materials and can be over laminated for extra protection which prevents fading and protects them from general wear. This adds value for money because labels that last longer do not require replacing as frequently as lower grade products.

You can utilise as many or as few colours as you like to ensure your messaging is seen. The use of our long lasting, vivid colours could increase the impact of your message, making it more memorable and therefore actionable.

Unique information

Where your bin labels need to be customised, our machinery allows us to print every label slightly differently. This would be useful if you need to include serial numbers or other unique identifying information for each unit.